You Can Have No Debt, No Credit and NO PROBLEMS – I’m living proof!

Steve Stewart has no debt and no problems

Can we be honest with each other?

You're here to listen to a show about personal finance.


I can promise you it isn’t because of the humor or my good looks.

You are here because you want to do this “money thing” better – and I’m right there with you!

I want you to learn what it has taken me a decade to realize:

That you can live with No Debt, No Credit, and No Problems!


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About Your Host, Steve Stewart

I have been an Ambassador of Personal Finance for many years. My history takes us back to 2007 when I first started coaching people.

The teachings of Dave Ramsey, a popular radio host who teaches personal finance, had been ringing in my head for a few years. I had spent a lot of time learning, researching, and scrutinizing certain facets of the world of Personal Finance.

I also found much of what the average American needs to know about money is in the Bible. Being a born again Christian for most of my life, it was important for me to take lessons learned from Jesus’s parables and the scriptures to sculpt a life more in line with my faith.

There was a conflict between good, honest, common sense financial principles and what I would hear from experts on TV and the pre-approved credit card offers I received in my mailbox every day.

I wasn't stupid; just uneducated about money

I challenged everything I knew about money and came down to the truth: You can have no debt, no credit and have no problems. Period.

This show is meant to educate you – and me, as well – about various personal finance topics. It is also to encourage you as you embark on your journey to complete financial freedom.

You do want financial freedom and independence, right?

What does a life of no problems look like to you?

Is it the ability to get up and go anywhere you want, at any time that you want without having to worry about finding the cheapest airfare on

Is it the knowing that you have money put away for retirement and you keep adding to it every paycheck or month or year?

Is it simply having money in savings so you don’t have to worry when the water heater bottoms out, or the car breaks down, or you child is injured (well, at least not worry in a financial way)?

It could be all of the above – and it is absolutely possible.

Whatever a life of “No Problems” looks like to you, keep it in mind for the next few minutes.

How do you get to a life of no problems?

One way is to have no debt.

I know, it’s easier said than done.

But there’s a simple step-by-step process that reinforces your household’s finances, walks you out of debt, and puts you on the path to saving and investing and buying the things you want – with cash, not debt.

In only 13 months my wife and I were able to pay off approximately $15,000 of debt. We were serious about it and put all the extra money from my side-gig towards eliminating debt.

In 2007, we became debt free. No Debt other than our mortgage – and that will be paid off by Christmas 2015.

What would your life look like with No Debt?

Imagine every paycheck is yours to do with as you please. No credit card bills, no student loans, and the car you drive is truly yours – not the bank’s.

You might be able to consider moving to a different – even slightly lower paying job that better matches your skills and abilities.

Can you imagine acing an interview because this is what you were born to do? Could it become a possibility because you don’t have anything staking a claim to your paycheck other than normal monthly bills?

That is what a basic financial education can do for you – and this show is going to be FULL of very basic financial education 🙂

Do you think you’d have fewer problems too?

What does “No Credit” mean?

We were serious about paying off the debt – so serious that I stopped using my credit cards. What I discovered was I didn’t need them. Stores still took cash and check, although paper checks are going the way of the dinosaurs, and Debit cards became more like credit cards – except Debit cards don’t incur debt.

I didn’t need a debt product – even if I were to pay a credit card off in 30 days. NO CREDIT.

I have also discovered the hype and frenzy surrounding the topic of Credit Scores is unfounded.

Here’s what I mean:

We are preached to – ad nauseam – about the importance of credit scores. But credit scores are one-sided measurements of debt. Period. Don’t believe me? Or do you just not WANT to believe me?

Here is the proof:

The components of a FICO credit score include:

  • 10% – the types of credit (debt) you have (credit cards, car loans, student loans, mortgage)
  • 10% – How much new credit (debt) you have (i.e.: opened a new credit card)
  • 15% – Credit (debt) History
  • 30% – Amount owed (debt) vs how much available credit you have
  • 35% – Payment history on debts

A credit score is just a 3-digit number based on debt.

What if you have no debt? Can someone have a credit score if they have never opened a credit card or borrowed money?

No, they can’t.

But they won’t have debt either.

What the media and financial experts will tell you is:

  • Your credit score is important for renting a car
  • Your credit score is important for getting a job (which has been proven to be absolutely false)
  • Your credit score is important to your relationships

I have proven, time after time, that these are lies.

Is it possible to have No Debt, No Credit, and No Problems?

Absolutely! I'm living proof of it.

How? Stop worrying about a credit SCORE and simply do things that make you credit WORTHY – which, by the way, does NOT necessarily include debt.

You can buy anything you want without debt – so long as you have the money.

You can actually buy a house without a credit score. Yes, there will be background checks but if nothing is found to indicate you are a drug dealer or counterfeiter then why would someone turn away a briefcase full of cash? (That’s a joke, but you get the idea).

Stop worrying about a credit SCORE and do things that make you creditWORTHY.

How can I be credit WORTHY without a credit SCORE?

As I said before, a credit score is based on debt. You can obtain a great score by spending time reading articles about building credit, opening new lines of credit, using the credit, and flirting with debt.

However, you can be creditWORTHY without debt.

Let’s take John, for example:

John bought a used car with cash in High School. His parents opened a checking account and he used his debit card for purchases online. He saved some money from working during the summer, obtained some scholarships, and his parents were able to help him pay for the remainder of his college education without ever having to take out a student loan. John has no debt, no credit cards, no credit history, and graduated out of college with a positive net worth, albeit a small one.

Do you think John could qualify for a car loan, rent an apartment, or qualify for a small business loan? Of course! Who wouldn’t want a young, responsible young man like John as a customer?

John is credit WORTHY, but he doesn’t have a credit SCORE.

I have not had an open credit card account – or any debt other than our mortgage – for almost 8 years. However, my family and I have remodeled the kitchen ($15,000), replaced all the windows in our house ($7,500) and take vacations to a secluded horse ranch in Wyoming (about $7,000 each time). We’ve flown, rented cars, eaten at restaurants, and rode horses in snowy mountain trails without a single credit card transaction.

How is that possible? I stopped worrying about my credit SCORE and, instead, began to focus on the real goal: Having “No Debt, No Credit, and have No Problems”

To be completely transparent: I do have a credit score. Before I knew how money REALLY worked, and before we paid off all our consumer debt, we took out a mortgage for our house. Yes, a mortgage is a debt product, and I won’t talk someone out of getting one if they have walked through the 3 Steps to know if you are ready for a mortgage.

In a history-making conversation with FICO’s Public Relation’s Director, Anthony Sprauve, even he admitted the credit-scoring model does not work for debt free people.

Should I work to improve my credit score?

I don’t. I don’t even play the credit card game.

“No Debt, No Credit, No Problems”

The world is going to tell you over and over and over again:

  • You can’t live without credit
  • You can’t be a student without a loan
  • You need to borrow at low interest rates

Consumer debt, at least at the insane levels the average American is trying to manage, it’s a relatively new problem – and it has infiltrated every pore of our culture!

  • You can’t watch TV without being asked “what’s in your wallet?”
  • You can’t buy a sweater or skimpy underpants without being asked if you want their brand of credit
  • You can’t even get a quote to replace the carpet or windows in your house without the construction guy turning into a finance officer.


Stop believing the credit score lie!

Come to an understanding in your heart that you CAN get by in America without credit cards.

Know from my past experiences, as well as the experiences from hundreds of other Debt Freedom Fighters, that you can buy a reliable used car at a great deal with cash (literally and figuratively).

Believe that you can live with No Debt, No Credit, and No Problems

What you can expect from this show

  1. Interview to educate you on financial products, services, or No Problems concepts
  2. Short segment about income taxes – because, believe it or not – income taxes affect a lot of the decisions we make. Andy Magnus, who spent time as an IRS agent, will be a regularly featured guest and will bring a bit of humor to this very heavy subject. You will hear more about Andy Magnus’s story in the 2nd episode of this program.
  3. Do you want to learn the Habits of the Rich? Tom Corley, who studied self-made millionaires and poor people, has given his seal of approval to have Rich Habits featured in every episode of this show. Tom will be the featured guest in Episode 3, talking about how habits form our decisions. And, in that episode, we are going to have a very special announcement.

I want to encourage you to:

  • Stick to your money plan
  • To stay on course
  • To BEAT YOUR DEBT SENSELESS and escape the debt slaughter
  • To be aware of different financial products, strategies, and know what services are good and bad for your money
  • To start living life on YOUR terms, not the bank’s

Let me help you along your debt-freedom journey.

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