YNAB vs EveryDollar Comparison of Premium Budgets – MPSOS183

YNAB vs EveryDollar comparison

YNAB vs EveryDollar Budget Comparison

Dave Ramsey announced his new budgeting software – EveryDollar. It is awesome – and have many similar features to YNAB (You Need A Budget). Which premium budgeting software is best for you? Let's compare the different features and methods to identify the right one for you.

The challenge begins at [2:10]
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YNAB vs EveryDollar comparison chart

None of this matters if you don't use it.

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If you'd like some help boosting your budget or estimating your proper emergency savings amount then schedule an appointment with me.

Holla from the…Honda? [28:10]

HOLLA from the HondaI lucked out with a TREMENDOUS deal on a Honda Civic. The catch? I live in St. Louis and the car was listed in Dallas.

So many things can go wrong when buying a car long-distance. You must rely on the assistance of others or you'll find yourself in a mess.

Whenever buying a used car from any distance, be sure to

  • Get a really good inspection
  • Pull a CarFax report
  • Have someone push all the buttons, kick the tires, and check under the seats
  • Test the seller's communication skills. Are they stand-ofish? Slow to respond? Do they tell you all kinds of things about the car (not just the good ones)?

Avoid these pitfalls when buying a car from a long distance:

Car inspection

  • You are at the mercy of friends and an unknown mechanic
  • If using a friend and things don't go perfectly, it could harm the relationship

The seller

  • Like any long distance relationship – how do you really know a person?
  • You didn't think to ask what his vanity license plate says (TLR8ME)

One way ticket

  • Arrange transportation to airport and at arrival
  • Flight can be delayed or cancelled
  • If the deal goes sour there's no way back

I'm gonna holla from this honda

1998 Honda Civic with only 120,000 miles. Guess how much it cost to purchase and get it back to St. Louis? $4,000

Thanks to James Kinson, the Cash Car Convert, for going way above and beyond to help me successfully purchase my new cash car.

Teach Children To Save Day

April is Financial Literacy month and Friday April 14, 2015 is Teach Children To Save Day.

Watch the webinar replay from Teach Children To Save Day

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  • Thanks to Joshua Rivers for having me on Creative Studio Academy. We talked about the different types of podcast formats (solo, co-host, interview style, and even a way you are never on your own show)

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