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How to edit with STUDIO ONE

Clifton Wright is a podcaster and musician who has used many DAW, but he landed upon Studio One and isn't looking back.

He demonstrates how easy it is to import files from the sidebar, apply effects from plugins, and more.

Studio One by PreSonus does offer a free version for Windows and Mac OS systems.

How to edit with CUBASE

Vinny Velez has 20+ years experience in audio engineering for audiobooks and podcasts. He also created the "Podcast Hotline Kit" to help podcasters record interviews using their smartphones.

Over the years, Vinny has used a wide variety of DAWs, but has stayed with Cubase for the last 8. Cubase from Steinberg has multiple versions for Windows and Mac OS machines.

How to edit with PRO TOOLS

Danny Ozment is an audio engineer with his own personal sound studio in Nashville, He's been editing podcasts of a number of years using Pro Tools.

Danny shows us how to use improve the quality of our audio and how to edit with Pro Tools - a Windows or Mac software program with either a monthly fee or one-time purchase.

How to use AUPHONIC

Ravi Jayagopal is co-founder & co-developer of DigitalAccessPass and creator of CoolCastPlayer. He also has been using to help improve the audio of his podcast, SubscribeMe.

Ravi shows us the awesomeness that is Auphonic, an online or offline software package that compresses, normalizes, and does noise removal among many other things.

How to edit with REAPER

Shawn Thorpe has in the podcasting space since 2005. He started freelancing as an audio editor in 2009 and today also is a member of the Blubrry support team.

Shawn shows us the awesomeness that is Reaper, a Mac or Windows audio editing DAW with a reasonable one-time purchase licensing fee

How to edit with MIXCRAFT

Mike Wilkerson is Founder/Creator/Podcaster at the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network. The more than 50 shows on his network were primarily edited and produced with Mixcraft, a Windows-only program created by Acoustica.

Mike demonstrates how you can edit without pausing playback, pull from a library of sound effects, and take show notes all within the DAW.


Bryan Entzminger from Engaging Missions demonstrates how to use Hindenburg Journalist to produce a podcast.

He shows us how easy it is to normalize audio upon import, apply effects, and how to export as MP3 or directly to libsyn!

Hindenburg Journalist has two main offerings for podcasters for a one-time fee (Windows or Mac)

How to edit with GARAGEBAND

Kwesi from PodWabbit Network demonstrates how to use GarageBand to produce a podcast.

He demonstrates how easy it is to import sound files, duck music and adjust volume for transitions between segments, and how he exports to his desktop.

GarageBand is a Mac only program that comes free with any Apple device - even iPads and iPhones.

How to edit with ADOBE AUDITION

Christy Haussler from demonstrates how to use Logic Pro X to produce a podcast.

She covers the difference between a destructive and non-destructive DAW, how to apply various settings, and more.

Audition is one of Adobe's Creative Cloud solutions (monthly subscription) for Windows or Mac.

How to edit with LOGIC PRO

Dave Visaya from Podcast Engineers will demonstrates how to use Logic Pro X to edit and produce a podcast.

Even if you don't have a Mac, this webinar can open your mind to other ideas and possibilities for producing a high-quality, multi-featured podcast.

Logic Pro X is a Mac-only application with a very attractive interface, easy-to-navigate layout, and is a one-time purchase


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