Webinar Replay: Year-End Tax Planning Tips For Everyday Americans

What you need to know for year-end taxes

It's November! Time to get ready for the T-day:

Tax Time

Many Americans feel confused by the U.S. tax code – and they should be!

There are more than 74,000 of rules and regulations in the Federal Tax Code – how could anyone keep track of every nuance?

But there are things we can do to save money on taxes.

Amy Robles from ThinkEnriched podcast hosted a live chat so we can all learn these year-end tax planning tips.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax preparer, although I did prepare taxes for H&R Block in 2005 – 2006. This information is to meant to be informational in nature and is meant to bring awareness to certain strategies that can affect your income tax return. Consult a qualified tax professional for your specific needs.

Tax topics covered:

  • Open or fund (save into) a Qualified Retirement Plan (401k, IRA, etc)
  • Make Charitable Contributions
  • Make Non-cash donations
  • Send in any claims to your Flexible Spending Plan (Cafeteria Plans)
  • Adjust your W-4


The most important tip is to create a file and keep all receipts, statements, and communications.

  • Makes it easier to prepare your tax return
  • Helps your return be more accurate
  • Could remind you to claim deductions
  • Is needed to prove your claim in case of an audit.


Other tips not covered in this webinar:

  • Be aware of any Required IRA Distributions  (retirees over 70 1/2)
  • “Sell the losers” (sell off bad stocks and investments to claim the loss – aka tax loss harvesting)
  • How to perform a mid-year tax assessment to bring home more money

Last year, a great number of people discovered someone else claimed their tax refund. It's another new form of identity theft – and it's a pain to  unravel.

Don't let someone else claim your refund. Adjust your W-4 (tax withholdings) to bring more money home today, use it to eliminate high interest rate debt or invest it for the future, and reduce the amount of money someone else could steal from claiming your refund.

I can help. Contact me to schedule an appointment to see how much money is unnecessarily being taken out of your paycheck – and how to fix it.

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