Top 3 Ways Teens Make Great Money – with Teenpreneur Eva Baker

Eva Baker Top 3 Ways Teens Make Money interview

Eva Baker is a teen who encourages her peers to make money, spend wisely, and make plans for the future.

From her experience, she has found the Top 3 ways a teen can make money:

#3: Getting a part-time job
#2: Starting a small business
#1: Applying for scholarships

Eva gives teens the tools they need to get hired, ideas for small businesses that pay more than working at the mall, and how scholarships are actually great part-time jobs.

#3: Part-time job

Earning money while taking classes isn't easy, but the work can add to experience on a resume.

Eva knows how hard it is to find a good part-time job while going to school.

She offers some interview tips for teens on her blog at

#2: Starting a small business

Eva met a teen who created a summer business taking kids on nature hikes. It was something he loved to do and started his own business, Trailing With Isaac.

Eva is hosting a national conference specifically for teens who have their own business or who want to start their own business.

From website: Attendees will leave the conference with the tools to create and implement a solid business plan. In addition, a big part of the event will be meeting other motivated and inspirational teens and having fun along the way!

For tickets and information visit


Conference for Teenagers - Teenpreneur

#1: Apply for scholarships

Winning scholarships from writing essays and filling out applications turns out to be an incredible hourly rate.

However, many scholarships go unclaimed because teens don't apply for them.

A teen could fully-fund four years of school tuition from scholarships alone, so begin applying for scholarships early and often.

Find out more:

Connect with Eva on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or her website

Charlotte baker Eva Baker TeensGotCents and Steve Stewart at FinCon16

Charlotte Baker (aka – Eva's mom), Eva Baker, and Steve Stewart


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15 Rich Habits for Married Couples” by Tom Corley (reprinted with his permission):

  • Rich Habit #1: We will stay faithful to each other and never cheat on one another
  • Rich Habit #2: We will never physically abuse each other
  • Rich Habit #3: We will never verbally abuse each other
  • Rich Habit #4: We will manage our money as one
  • Rich Habit #5: We will never spend money frivolously or spontaneously
  • Rich Habit #6: We will jointly participate in at least one extracurricular activity or hobby on a regular basis
  • Rich Habit #7: We will never lie to each other
  • Rich Habit #8: We will control our negative emotions and avoid emotional outbursts
  • Rich Habit #9: We will devote all of our available non-work time to our family and to each other
  • Rich Habit #10: We will jointly make decisions. No spouse has the final say
  • Rich Habit #11: We will both block off time to attend the activities of our children
  • Rich Habit #12: We will have family dinner together at least two times a week
  • Rich Habit #13: We will save 10%-20% of our annual income
  • Rich Habit #14: We will take good care of our health by exercising regularly and eating healthy food
  • Rich Habit #15: We will encourage and support each other every day


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  • Lehel Matyus

    Reply Reply May 25, 2016

    Hi Steve,

    Here is my feedback:
    1. I found the podcasts about buying homes the most useful keep them coming.
    2. As a non credit card user I find any alternatives to credit cards and topics around that area enjoyable.
    3. I’m always interested in online tools that help us budget and manage money, although for some reason pen and paper works best for me.
    4. Tax related issues are kind of boring until they are absolutely not. I listen to them and and don’t find it interesting until you guys talk about the category I’m in. Then suddenly I want to listen to it again. I guess it’s a wide area of topics and everyone’s situation is different, so keep them coming.
    5. Money habits, probably the most interesting topic for me, how to build the right habits and eventually, how to teach them to your kids.


    • Steve Stewart

      Reply Reply May 25, 2016

      Thanks Lehel!

      I’m not surprised by your first item 🙂

      How is the house-hunting coming?

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