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This is a touchy subject for me to cover. I believe there are other options to solving money problems before considering wiping the slate clean by declaring Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement?

Emily Chase Smith is a Debt Solutions Attorney that started by practicing bankruptcy law. Emily knows bankruptcy is not always the solution and she helps people determine what their best debt solution is.

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Bankruptcy Wolf?

Americans no longer have a stigma towards bankruptcy. Our society, our media, even our government has made Bankruptcy more mainstream and acceptable. Too many financial plans are built with the “safety net of BK”, and many go charging through life thinking they could always fall back on this legal process when things get tough.

Things you should know about bankruptcy

It is Federal Law
Every State has a median income you must be under to be able to file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Creditors will push their “drugs” on you because you can't file again for 7 years

Seek good counsel

Emily Chase Smith says the #1 thing anyone can do to avoid filing bankruptcy is to find good counsel. Learn about your options and take steps to better your situation before giving up the fight.

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