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What does minimalism have to do with personal finance? Find out as I interview a Minimalist who is living with less, which enables him to live on less.

Robert Wall, host of Minimalism For The Rest Of UsRobert Wall from UntitledMinimalism.com shares his experiences and knowledge on the subject as we dive in to discuss:

  • What is the definition of Minimalism
  • How does someone become a Minimalist
  • How does Minimalism effect finances

I also ask him if a true Minimalist would have:

  1.  A pot, a pan, AND a George Foreman grill
  2. A bike AND an exercise machine
  3. A deep freezer
  4. More than 2 suits
  5. A collection of love letters from High School
  6. An attic (on purpose)
  7. A job at Hobby Lobby
  8. A wine rack
  9. China (the dinnerware)
  10. A Velveeta cheese box with the complete collection of 1980's trading cards from Star Wars AND Battlestar Galactica

 Also mentioned in the episode:

For more from Robert Wall, visit his blog UntitledMinimalism.com or follow him @MinimalBlogger on Twitter

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