How to Make Your ID Harder to Steal

Identity theft is running rampant in our nation. Here are 8 tips on how to make your ID harder to steal.

1) Never give someone access to your accounts

  • Keep user names or passwords for online accounts to yourself
  • Don't let someone else “borrow” your card or be an authorized user
  • NEVER tell anyone your debit card's PIN number

2) Keep your computer clean

  • Check for viruses
  • Use a firewall at home
  • Use a VPN when in public. is a free program for Windows and Mac

3) Don't click on web links

  • Don't let them get through your firewall with a “Is this you in the picture” or “someone is  saying nasty things about you on Twitter”
  • Verify with the person who sent the message that they indeed sent you a message

4) Tear off address labels

  • Remove labels from mail and packages
  • Shred blank application
  • Remove all inserts from magazines and catalogs that may contain your address

5) Get a PO Box

  • Have mail saved for you in a place more secure than a metal box on your curb
  • This could also make it more difficult for someone to find your address
  • Ensures you place outgoing mail in approved locales only

6) Opt-out of solicitations

how to make your id harder to steal7) Freeze credit reports

8) Don't fill out “Enter-to-win” stuff

You are more susceptible to phishing and scams when entering dozens of giveaways, unless you keep track of every single one that you fill out.

Don't make it easy for them

These steps can not guarantee your ID will never be stolen – how many times have you used your debit or credit card and the cashier never even looked to see if the back was signed?

Following these common-sense tips can help make your ID harder for someone to steal.

BONUS: What should I do if my identity was stolen?

I created a one-page resource for my subscribers that want to know more about ID theft. Contact me and I will send you information on what to do if your ID is stolen.

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  • brettb81

    Reply Reply May 11, 2012

    Did you really say make sure your spouse does not know your pin numbers? Seems counterproductive to the idea of 2 becoming one and somewhat paranoid. I understand that most ID theft is not by a stranger, but if you can’t trust your spouse or their ability to make rational decisions when dealing with finances and family, then why did you get married. Other than that, love the podcasts…keep em coming!

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