#RichHabit Challenge: Learn 5 New Words a Day

learn 5 new words a day

Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits, discovered the power of improving his vocabulary.

He learned 5 new words a day and improved his communication skills. It also won him a compliment from a girl he liked.

I shared Tom’s story in a recent episode of “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems” and am taking on the challenge. Click here to listen -> [28:34]

Not only am I learning 5 new words a day, I’m sharing them on Twitter with the hashtag #RichHabits.

#RichHabits Challenge - Learn 5 new words a day: MacLaren’s Pub from #HIMYM was a #rathskeller, although it wasn’t filmed there // #RichHabitsClick To Tweet
#RichHabits Challenge - Learn 5 new words a day: There are those who can speak eloquently and those who #mar the English language // #RichHabitsClick To Tweet
#RichHabits - Learn 5 new words a day' #Milquetoast - a very timid person, especially one who is easily intimidatedClick To Tweet
#RichHabits Challenge - learn 5 new words a day: I love the #fervor podcasters have for producing their shows. // #RichHabitsClick To Tweet

Feel free to click to Tweet these or share your own. Be sure to include the hashtag #RichHabits to let Tom Corley know you are working on your Rich Habits too.

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