Is Options Trading for You? Interview with Joshua Belanger of OptionSizzle

how options trading works with Joshua Belanger

Is options trading a strategy to incorporate in your investment activities? How risky is option trading? Is option trading another form of gambling?

In this episode of “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems”, we learn about Options Trading from Joshua Belanger from


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Josuah Belanger interview about Options TradingOptions are contracts to buy or sell investments, mostly stocks.

For example: As a buyer, you buy the right to purchase Apple stock at a certain time for a specific price. If the stock meets or exceeds that price then the seller must give it to you at the options price.

I ask Joshua if options trading is like gambling (around the [07:48] mark). You gotta listen to his answer.

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Also, Andy Magnus from joins us to discuss who gets a 1099 and what to do with it. [24:09]

We switch things up for our Habits of the Rich segment with a post by Paula Pant: Simple morning habits that make you feel invincible [40:52]

Finally, I answer an investing question from a 51 year old with only $15,000 saved [47:08]



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