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If you are a new Debt Freedom Fighter – welcome! However, even those who have been around for a while may not know the entire Steve Stewart story. I don't share too much about my personal life, this site is not about me.

However, 2014 has provided me a number of opportunities to be a guest on some prominent blogs and podcasts, not to mention winning the Plutus Award for Best Debt Focused Blog.

Below are some of my more noteworthy appearances from 2014.


mint logoI had the pleasure of being interviewed by – the powerful and helpful website for tracking purchases from multiple accounts.

They asked:

  • How my wife and I formulated our debt plan
  • Why debt is so pervasive in our society
  • Where should couples who need to talk about money start (answer: at the dinner table).

Find out why I answered “dinner table” by visiting

Cash_Car_Convert_new_Artwork_1400_x_1400If you've listened to my show this year you know that my favorite new podcast is the Cash Car Convert hosted by James Kinson.

James is also one of my favorite people in the world and I'm glad to call him a friend.

I convinced James to join the April Fools Gang (see below) but was never featured as a guest.

That changed in December when James asked me to be his featured guest on the 50th episode of the Cash Car Convert.

We talk about my story, how much being a Christian had to do with getting out of debt, and – of course – what my first car was.

Listen to the 47 minute interview here: http://CashCarConvert/050


Podcast April Fools GangProbably the most fun thing I did this year – and most difficult – was my podcast April Fools Day joke.

I convinced three podcasters to let me take over their show on 4/1/14 and it was a blast:

This was undoubtably the most successful promotion of the year – and the hardest to pull off.

Interview on Cerrone Show -200x200

I first learned about Chris Cerrone from pictures of his recording studio posted on Facebook. It was his walk-in closet.

Chris reached out to me in the early days of his new show to be a guest. Of course I said Yes, but our schedules never matched up.

Finally, after bumping into him and his awesome new co-host, Laci Urcioli, at the Podcast Movement conference we set a date.

The most noteworthy moments were:

  • Purposeful spending is an important lesson in the debt-free process
    Chris and Steve explore the dangers of using a credit card for points vs. the moral implications of those programs
    Steve compares using credit cards to abstinence and gives Chris a run for his money on the analogy game

Listen to the show here on iTunes

MoneyMastermind Ep07 credit

The largest collaborative effort comes from the Money Mastermind show.

Panelists Glen Craig, Miranda Marquit, Peter Anderson, Tom Drake and Kyle Prevost invite a special guest to speak on a personal finance topic via a Google Hangout On Air (video broadcast).

When the discussion of living with or without credit came up they invited me to be the controversial guest.

They weren't disappointed. Around the 40 minute mark I was asked if one should feel guilty by taking advantage of credit card rewards that are paid for on the backs of other Americans who pay interest and fees.

My answer? Well, you'll just have to go listen to it and find out – but it's worth it. (Remember: 40 min mark)


Plutus Award Finalist logo 2014It wasn't a podcast or even an interview, but it was an honorable appearance.

This year's Plutus Awards were presented after the conclusion of the Financial Blogger's Conference in New Orleans.

Somehow won the award for Best Debt-Focused Blog.

It came as a total shock because 90% of the written content on this website comes from podcast show notes – so it's really a podcast award with a new name.

You can read a recap of my entire conference experience here

or watch the 2 minute video when I was so shocked that I put my video camera in my pocket while accepting the award

There are many more, too many to mention,

but I'll try:

  1. Create My Independence Podcast with Kraig Mathias
  2. Dadrenaline Podcast with Chris Pilon
  3. Smartphones Made Easy Podcast with Rey Brown
  4. YoPro Wealth Podcast with Austin Netzley
  5. Collaborative effort with Joshua Sheats from Radical Personal Finance

I'm looking forward to exposing more people to the possibility that they can get out of debt in 2015 with the new show I am hosting, the Financial Wellness Show. I'm also excited about future appearances that have already been recorded for Addy Saucedo's Do I.T. podcast, Rye Taylor's Take Action Q&A (also hosted by Addy Saucedo), and Jared Easley's Starve The Doubts.


If I forgot to mention an appearance on your show or blog then please send me a note below. Thank you – have a great 2015!


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