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For 6 years MoneyPlan SOS has been my obsession. My New Year Goals are to make it my occupation. In this episode I share open my planner to you and share the monthly goals to get me out of my day job and into my calling.

Making an obsession my occupation

January 2014

The Virtual Budget Coaching Course will launch on January 23rd. You can be part of the launch by attending a free webinar or by sharing it with your friends, relatives, or co-workers. RSVP for your seat by watching a 75 second video at

February 2014

ScreenFlow is an amazingly simple and powerful video editing program for the Mac IOS platform. The program is only $99 but I have not found a single great source for how to use it. There are so many great tricks and features that many people don't even know are there that a series of instructional videos could be very helpful.

I've used ScreenFlow for many of my videos, including the Virtual Budget Coaching Course, as well as for other people (check out this Drugstore Game video I put together for Frugal Confessions). I believe a membership site with instructional videos would be a great service for those trying to create videos for YouTube or welcome videos for their website.

March 2014

Quite a few of my listeners have asked “How do I start a podcast?” I could direct them to Cliff Ravenscraft or Dave Jackson or John Lee Dumas's new Podcasters Paradise course but the fact remains: They asked me.

The answer will be provided in a video tutorial course at in March 2014.

April 2014

Have you ever considered launching a small business? Most small businesses don't require an LLC or being bonded with the city, but all small businesses do need to budget and track expenses.

Many of my listeners know about YNAB, the personal finance budgeting software that my wife uses. What they may not realize is that YNAB can also work as a small business budgeting and checkbook register. It doesn't even require purchasing a 2nd copy, you can use the same version of YNAB you already own.

If you don't own YNAB and are past the beginning stages of budgeting found in my Virtual Budget Coaching Course then try YNAB for yourself with this free 34 day trial (Mac or PC). You can use it for personal or for business with some slight variations that I'll show in the course.

May 2014

I can show anyone how to start a podcast for less than $100. That includes equipment, media hosting services, and an audio recording software called Audacity.

Audacity has been around for years. I was using it back when we were burning vinyl records to CDs (yeah, I'm that old). There wasn't a good source of training on how to use Audacity back then – but I wish there were.

I'll be launching a video tutorial that will help anyone learn the ins-and-outs of Audacity within 60 minutes. It's much better than spending three hours editing the wrong way (and I've learned a lot of the wrong ways of using Audacity!)

For both selfish and noble reasons

I was terrified to share this with you but now that it's all out on the table I HAVE to make this work. Why? It's for both selfish and noble reasons:

1) I need to replace income from my day job: This will allow me to stop traveling so much

2) By not traveling I will be able to spend more time with my family. Can you relate to this?

3) The more time I have to focus on MoneyPlan SOS and, the more people I can help

I've been working on MoneyPlan SOS for 6 years. It has been an obsession that consumes every waking hour while I try to find ways to reach more people with our message of Debt Freedom. It's time I take this obsession and turn it into my occupation.

God put these opportunities in my path:

God has put many things in my path in December to bring more exposure to MoneyPlan SOS. Below is a list of guest posts and interviews that I have been involved in since December 2013:

I was a guest on the Podcasters’ Roundtable with host Ray Ortega, Award Winning Daniel J Lewis, and the biggest success story in podcasting – John Lee Dumas:

My post on

My post on EnemyOfDebt:

My guest post on

I was interviewd on The Iron Jen's 50th podcast episode:

Here is an interview I had on the StackingBenjamins Podcast:

Interview on YoProWealth Podcast:


Will you help MoneyPlan SOS become a full time occupation?

Things are falling into place. Our message of Debt Freedom will be heard by more people. How many people depends on how successful the next 6 months is. If this doesn't work then I'm back to square one, but with your help and God's intervention we can make this work.

Please spread the word about MoneyPlan SOS and the upcoming webinar ( I'm going to do the hard work but anything you can to add to the success pile would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance. Please pay attention, not interest.

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  • Joe Saul-Sehy

    Reply Reply January 2, 2014

    Great goals, Steve! I’m fired up for you to accomplish this, and I know you’ll do it based on your huge drive to achieve. Congrats on putting this in writing.

    • Steve Stewart

      Reply Reply January 4, 2014

      Thanks Joe. You inspire me, as well, that this can be done!

  • Michael Taylor

    Reply Reply January 7, 2014

    Hey Steve, I enjoyed listening to your goals for 2014. I’m excited to see you achieve your goal of making this your full time occupation!

    • Steve Stewart

      Reply Reply January 8, 2014

      Thanks Michael. I also hope 2014 allows me to show others how it can be done. In the immortal words of Jared Easely, “I’ve read enough books, been to enough conferences, and attended enough webinars. Now it’s GO TIME!”

  • Michael Taylor

    Reply Reply January 8, 2014

    Agree Steve. I feel like I’m a little heavy on content consumption and light on action sometimes.

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