Day 01: We started by meeting in LAX, then rented a CONVERTIBLE. We drove to the starting point, Santa Monica Pier, and had dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. We took in a few street performances (we met one street dancer who we considered joining our breakdance crew – see his MySpace page at Flex81@Yahoo) and Timm bought himself two cotton candies (one pink and one blue). Then we spent the next two hours looking for Route 66. I still can’t understand; we have one Route 66 fanatic, two books, and a Garmin GPS unit and could NOT find a Route 66 sign in Santa Monica. We must be confused.

So we proceeded to find a special shop for Timm who wanted to buy something for the trip, it was closed. I then decided to head to the next three known addresses (from one of the books) to get back onto Route 66, and finally found one in Pasadena (we must have taken a bigger detour for the shop. The sun had set but we were ON OUR WAY. A little tired and disappointed, I asked Timm to do the rest of the driving. I told him “the book” said we should get off I-15 just a bit north of Devore, CA.

THERE IT WAS, what we had always imagined the road had become. It was a deserted two lane road with five foot road paintings in the middle of the lanes indicating that this truly was the road of the past.

We passed old forgotten mailboxes and noticed that another road was adjacent to ours, and it was blocked off and neglected. It was sad and cool at the same time. We got out, looked at the stars, and marveled at how much this reminded us of a scene from “Cars”. We were stoked!

That only continued for about 10 miles, but it was worth the wait.

Day 02: The Long and Winding Road


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