Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training – Day 03


Another full day of case studies, lessons, and food.  But we got out a little early to go out for dinner (yes, more food).  If you ever want to meet with very kind and thoughtful people then you need to meet a financial counselor who received their training from Dave Ramsey's group.  Everyone here has a big heart – and talented (in a financial way!).  I'm sitting with CPAs, Attorneys, business owners, a large and wonderful group of people from all over the United States, a couple from Canada, and even one from Australia.  (The Aussie is in this picture, I'll let you try to figure it out). 

By the way, the gentleman in the front of this picture and his wife (sitting across the table from him) paid off $90,000.00 in two years following the Total Money Makeover and have started a business called TheHeartOfATeacher.  They sure do.

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  • Adrian

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    thanks for the 15 minutes of fame 🙂

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