Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training – Day 02

Coach Chris Hogan and SOS

Coach Chris Hogan and SOS

Day 02 of Dave Ramsey's Financial Counselor Training.

A couple case studies, lessons on how to act with (or react to) different personality styles, and another employee of the Lampo Group with an incredible background – Chris Hogan.  I had never heard of Chris Hogan until this week, but this guy has an AWESOME story.

Chris Hogan is a ROCK STAR!

First of all you need to visualize this man.  He has an incredibly booming voice, one that would make you think of Barry White.  Chris used to play football and also coached the sport.  He earned his master's degree in 1995 and spent over a dozen years in the banking and financial industry.  Chris shared with us the different positions and jobs he performed, and a few things he did as a collector that he isn't proud of.  Over the years he found that the products he was selling did not help his clients, but hurt them.  For example, one client consolidated his credit card debt four times by re-financing the house.  That is not the way to help someone find financial peace.

He has found his calling.

Chris is now a Senior Financial Counselor and Director of the Wealth Coach Program and Entertainment Sports Division for Dave Ramsey's company.  What a perfect fit!  A man who use to play and coach professional sports and has a finance degree is now a financial coach for sport athletes and people with over $100,000.00 to invest.  Who would you want to give you financial advice if you were a big-time football star?  A little guy in a suit and a calculator or a man that used to coach who sounds like James Earl Jones?

Slam dunk!

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  • Jim

    Reply Reply July 30, 2009

    I am glad that you are enjoying this training. I went through this same program back in April and it was awesome! We all returned home so fired up and ready to help others in our communities that are in need. I can affirm everything that you said about Chris Hogan. What an inspiration. Enjoy the next few days in Brentwood. You will not return home with any regrets.

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