Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training – Day 01

This week I will check off another item from my “to do” list.

Over the next week, 85 good-hearted folks from all over the United States, Canada, and even Australia are gathering for long days of training for financial counseling.

Day 01 consisted of travel, introductions, two lessons, and one case study.  Oh, and there was homework when we got back to our hotel too!

We have been told more than a few times we will leave here exhausted – but energized at the same time.  If this course is anything like the Financial Peace @ Work training then we definitely will be!

Dave Ramsey's Counselor Training building

Dave Ramsey's Counselor Training building

Meet Dave's friend, partner, and first Financial Coach – Russ Carroll

Two years ago I volunteered at one of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover Live Events. That evening I had the pleasure of meeting Russ Carroll, Lead Counselor for the Lampo Group, LLC (Dave Ramsey's company).

I was honored when he invited me to sit and eat dinner with him and spent about 30 minutes asking a bunch of questions.

I learned how he and Dave started the company, got a general idea of what he currently did for the Lampo Group, and realized that I wanted to do what he did – HELP PEOPLE THROUGH THEIR FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES.

Lead Couselor Russ Carroll and SOS

I promised that I would see him again when I made it back to Brentwood, TN for Certified Counselor Training.

Russ is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met. I wish to emulate his style of coaching even more than Dave Ramsey's.

When your cheese is moved
Dave Ramsey's Counselor Training – Day 02

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