Best Practices for Buying a New Home

WEBINAR REPLAY Should I stop saving for retirement to save up the down-payment for a house? What happens if I don’t put 20% down for a house? Can I pull money out of my Roth IRA to make a down-payment? Jon White purchased a house when the market was hot. It took him and his…

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Webinar Replay: Year-End Tax Planning Tips For Everyday Americans

What you need to know for year-end taxes

It’s November! Time to get ready for the T-day: Tax Time Many Americans feel confused by the U.S. tax code – and they should be! There are more than 74,000 of rules and regulations in the Federal Tax Code – how could anyone keep track of every nuance? But there are things we can do…

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How to NOT overspend this #Holiday Season

BLAB with Amy Robles

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Amy Robles, Jim Collison, and Steve Stewart

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Live Webinars: Celebrating Audacity on May 28th

Have you wondered how a podcast is recorded? I’ve been using Audacity, a free program with powerful editing features, for many years. I have learned some of the tricks of the trade and have tips for how you can use more efficiently. On May 28th I hosted two free webinars to celebrate Audacity’s 15th Birthday and to announce my…

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Live Webinar: Bringing Faith Back Into Finance

Debt Freedom Fighter and devout Christian, Mr. Joshua Brown, joined me in a conversation about bringing faith back into our finances. We also answered the question from a viewer <around the 39 minute mark> Topics covered: Is it OK to spend our money on lavish things? <4 min mark> What does the Bible say about mortgages?…

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