You Can Have No Debt, No Credit and NO PROBLEMS – I’m living proof!

Steve Stewart has no debt and no problems

Let me share my story with you. I am living proof that you don’t need a credit card or debt of any kinds to be creditworthy. You too can have no debt, no credit and no problems by simply paying attention – not interest!

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What People Learn About Money By Blogging About Money – MONEYPLAN SOS EPISODE 200

Financial education is not represented in our school systems, at least not on a national basis. However, learning how money really works should not be left to an untrained adult. Parents can try to educate their children, and many do, but the economics of money, and how we use money, has changed. Here is an…

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Chris Brown from True Stewardship – Is Giving a Tithe Mandatory? – MPSOS199

Chris Brown interview

Is tithing mandatory for Christians? Chris has been a pastor for several years, speaking to congregations and audiences all over the United States. He recently became on of Dave Ramsey’s Speakers and now hosts the popular True Stewardship Podcast. Chris Brown and I discuss tithing for Christians – which has little to do with ten percent:…

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8 Great Mistakes of Investing and Fractional Savings Accounts

OG (aka The Other Guy from Stacking Benjamins) joins me to share the 8 Great Mistakes in Investing Under-diversification Over-diversification Euphoria Panic Leverage Speculating Investing for yield and not total return Cost basis dictating decision Thanks to OG for coming over to my basement. You can find him at – my favorite podcast. Also…

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Matt Ham has Redefined Rich – MPSOS197

Redefining Rich with Matt Ham

Matt Ham is an author, speaker, and small business owner. Five words uttered by a nurse changed the way he looks at life – and inspired him to redefine rich. Begin listening to Matt by clicking here –> I met Matt very briefly at a conference. I was immediately blown away by his story and…

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