Do Credit Scores Predict the Success Of Your Romantic Relationship?

Do credit scores affect relationships

Recent studies that have linked credit scores to one’s ability to drive and to the chances of having a heart attack. The Today show featured a study that showed credit scores can predict if a relationship will last. Can this be true? Do Credit Scores Predict the Success Of Your Romantic Relationship? My guest, Professional Counselor…

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Top 5 Ways To Save BIG Money In 2016

How to save big money stacking benjamins

Do you think it is possible that you could adjust your lifestyle enough to save 50% of what you made? What if I told you that you could do it and NOT live in a van by the river? It sounds crazy, impossible, OUTLANDISH – but there people doing this and they aren’t members of…

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4 Myths That Ruin Retirement – Roger Whitney

Roger Whitney Retirement

4 Myths that can ruin your retirement with special guest Roger Whitney What image comes to mind when I say the word “retirement”? Drinks with umbrellas and sandy beaches? Do you think of Captain Stubing and cruise ships? Tee times (if you are a man) or Tea Times (if a woman)? There is no wrong…

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Tom Corley Knows the Habits of the Rich

Tom Corley announces Rich Habits audiobook coming soon

In this episode we meet Tom Corley, CPA and author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “Rich Habits”. Tom joins me to discuss the most surprising and startling statistics from his 4-year study of rich and poor people. He also spills the beans on a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: All his books will become audiobooks by early 2016!…

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Ex-IRS Agent, Andy Magnus, says the IRS spells “THEIRS”

taxes with andy magnus

This is Episode 2 of my new podcast, “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems”. Today I introduce a regular contributor to the show, Andy Magnus. Andy has served time with the IRS as a Regional Trainer and trained other IRS agents before the personal computer was born. He has since moved on to better things as…

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