Message Monday – Is it Biblical to round-up for charity?

Twice this week I rejected requests to have my purchase rounded-up to the next dollar amount or put my loose change into a plastic box in the name of some charity. My behavior isn’t very Christian-like. After all, we’re only talking about a few cents here. So why the aversion to helping someone less fortunate with my…

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Message Monday – Fallen Leaders, Peer Pressure, and TV

Message Monday is a new series aimed at giving us some guidance with our spiritual wellbeing The devil uses all the tools at his disposal to lead us astray Some of the most prominent in our society today are: Popular TV shows and media We are learning more of life’s lessons from a script than scripture.…

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Giving back is for thieves

I have always has a problem with the phrase “giving back” You’ve heard it before: Give back to the parents who raised you Give back to the community Giving back to God This is incorrect. It’s just another way our culture is oh-so-gently getting us to feel guilty when they want us to give. I’m…

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