Credit Report, not Credit Score

We throw the terms Credit Report and Credit Score around as if they were the same thing. “How can I fix my Credit Score” and “Companies look at Credit Scores for job applicants” are both incorrect statements because they are only looking at one measurement of the overall picture – the overall picture being your Credit…

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No thanks credit score! I’m Saying No To FICO – sos034

I’m Saying No To FICO and working on my Debit Score 5 components of FICO score: 10% Type of credit (debt) 10% New credit (debt) 15% Credit (debt) history 30% How much you owe 35% Debt payment history Each of these components are based on debt. The more you borrow and pay back the better…

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eCredable is Incredible: Using alternatives to prove credit worthiness – sos033

Steve Ely, CEO of eCredable, used to work for Equifax running the Direct Consumer Business. One of the challenges he experienced was their limited ability to help consumers. Consumers really wanted help with financial advice or with their credit file but that was not what they were there for. Their primary business was to serve companies, not consumers.…

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