Calling All Debt Free Advocates

There are thousands of personal finance bloggers that will tell their story of how they are paying down their debt. There are hundreds of financial “gurus” with books that will show you how to save money and build your credit score. What there isn't enough of are people speaking into the lives of others about the importance of AVOIDING DEBT!

Anyone can offer personal financial advice. The majority of it teaches people how to get into soul-sucking debt or manage their debt. There are very few people out there with the message of avoiding debt completely.

Calling All Debt Free Advocates - We Need You!

Debt Free Advocates: We need you

Enough of the “debt management” double-speak, MORE DEBT AVOIDANCE!  We need you to speak into the lives of:

  • Your friends
  • Your neighbors
  • Your church congregation
  • Our nation

Too many people are willing to give financial advice and many times it is the wrong advice. Yes, I just said most people give the wrong advice about money.

Video discussion about Debt Avoidance

While the majority of coaches, advisors, bloggers and media will teach you how to get the best credit card or interest rate on your car loan, Jon White and I are on a mission to teach people to avoid debt completely.

JW joins me in a 1 hour Google Hangout (videocast) that you can watch via YouTube

Mentioned in this recording

A pdf that will help you get a financial literacy class into your church: Click here to download the pdf, Dear Pastor

The video where I actually go out and pay to get my credit score (I feel dirty now):

My complete thoughts on FICO scores via JW's podcast: Don't Be Fooled By The “Build Your Credit Score” Lie

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  • FocusdIntensity

    Reply Reply September 18, 2013

    Steve, you are so right that this is badly needed.  We all have a responsibility to pass along the Biblical Message of Debt Freedom, not to mention the common sense that debt is dumb…..

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