My Favorite Budgeting Program Gets An Upgrade: NEW YNAB

NEW YNAB features with Jesse Mecham

If you could design a budget program for yourself, what would it need? The flexibility to adjust with variable spending or an irregular income Force me to save for emergencies, home improvements, and a new car Automatically insert transaction information automatically based on the store I was in Eliminate the need to spend 30 minutes…

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File Bankruptcy or Settle Debts After Credit Cards Have Charged Them Off?

file for bankruptcy or settle credit card debt?

A reader sent in this question: “In the financial picture if you get into trouble, is it better to go chapter 7 bankruptcy or settle your debts once the credit cards have charged them off???” I would need to know more about the situation to answer such an important question. If the only financial difficulty is…

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Don’t Worry About Retirement, Be Inspired Instead – Interview with Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan, Dave Ramsey speaker, interview on Steve Stewart podcast

Special Guest, Chris Hogan Many of us fear being unprepared for retirement – and that’s because we don’t have our number. What is “our number”? My guest today is Chris Hogan, financial ROCK STAR and Dave Ramsey personality, shares how to find your number by taking the RIQ: Retire Inspired Quotient Connect with Chris on Twitter,…

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Do Credit Scores Predict the Success Of Your Romantic Relationship?

Do credit scores affect relationships

Recent studies that have linked credit scores to one’s ability to drive and to the chances of having a heart attack. The Today show featured a study that showed credit scores can predict if a relationship will last. Can this be true? Do Credit Scores Predict the Success Of Your Romantic Relationship? My guest, Professional Counselor…

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How To Have A Safe Conversation About Money With Your Spouse

For some inexplicable reason our culture has made it difficult to talk about money. The boundaries are not just with people at work or friends; it also resides in conversations with our spouses. Knowing that the topic is a complicated and important one, we can move forward with having “the money talk”. I spoke with Brian Lindner,…

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