Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Default on Student Loans with Jay Fleischman

Default Student Loan help Jay Fleischman Consumer Protection Lawyer - Episode 11

Can you be arrested for not paying student loans? No, not directly. However, not paying student loans can have far-worse implications than not paying credit cards or your mother-in-law. Jay Fleischman, a lawyer who concentrates on Consumer Protection, brings us the 5 reasons you should never default on your student loans. GAMIFY THIS EPISODE The interview was recorded…

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3 Government Branches of Taxation

taxes with andy magnus

Ex-IRS agent, Andy Magnus from, shares the three levels of government that affect tax policy and enforcement: Executive Branch: Enforces tax law and interprets how the law is applied Legislative Branch: Enacts tax law Judicial Branch: Interprets tax law when it is disputed Listen to the discussion by clicking here –> Executive Branch They will write…

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Time Machine Investing – DJI Take 2


THE STOCK MARKET IS CRASHING! That was the cry of the financial news media in the first few weeks of 2016. Report after report were calling this a bad time for investing. What journalists call a correction – I’m calling an opportunity. Let’s Take the Stock Market Wayback Machine The DJI (Dow Jones Industrial Average)…

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Changing Credit Scores from 123 to ABC with eCredable

eCredable credit reports

Debt free people: Have no fear. You can prove you are creditworthy without a FICO score with eCredable. Steve Ely joins us to share how the credit scoring landscape is changing. Not only are more lenders leaving the traditional credit score algorithm behind but they are finding more consumers are credit worthy without it! eCredable…

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SoFi Joins the No FICO Zone and Brings Fairness to Lending

SoFi mortgage lending

When I say “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems”, what do you think about? NO DEBT – YEAH! I could go for that. NO CREDIT – Whaaaaaaa? You gotta have credit! NO PROBLEMS – Wait, what kind of riddle is this? Well, the times – they are a-changin’. You do NOT need to focus on…

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