Best Practices for Buying a New Home


  • Should I stop saving for retirement to save up the down-payment for a house?
  • What happens if I don't put 20% down for a house?
  • Can I pull money out of my Roth IRA to make a down-payment?

Jon White purchased a house when the market was hot. It took him and his new bride a while to pay it down while getting out of debt.

Several years later they were able to move their young family into a new place THE RIGHT WAY.

Jon shares his story and gives common sense advice. I challenge his way of thinking to bring out all the possible scenarios – and consequences – when buying a house.

Thanks to @Lehel_it for jumping in and asking questions. That's why we do this stuff!

Jon's book, Tale of Two Houses, is available at

tale of two houses by Jon White book cover


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