How To Have A Safe Conversation About Money With Your Spouse

For some inexplicable reason our culture has made it difficult to talk about money. The boundaries are not just with people at work or friends; it also resides in conversations with our spouses. Knowing that the topic is a complicated and important one, we can move forward with having “the money talk”. I spoke with Brian Lindner,…

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What are the tax benefits of a home business?

taxes with andy magnus

Millions of people have found ways to earn money with a “side hustle”: Creating crafts and knickknacks Multi-level marketing opportunities Bookkeeping Blogging or internet marketing Podcasting or Podcast Production services The tax benefits of a home business can save you hundreds of dollars – legally. Andy Magnus shared some of this information on my show. Click here…

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#RichHabit Challenge: Create Multiple Streams of Income

multiple streams of income

Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits, discovered 76% of the wealthy in his study were self-made millionaires. They came from non-wealthy households (45% from middle-class and 31% from poor households). The data also showed 65% had at least three streams of income. You can read more of the itemized data in his article at or listen to my…

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Top 5 Ways To Save BIG Money In 2016

How to save big money stacking benjamins

Do you think it is possible that you could adjust your lifestyle enough to save 50% of what you made? What if I told you that you could do it and NOT live in a van by the river? It sounds crazy, impossible, OUTLANDISH – but there people doing this and they aren’t members of…

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#RichHabit Challenge: Learn 5 New Words a Day

learn 5 new words a day

Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits, discovered the power of improving his vocabulary. He learned 5 new words a day and improved his communication skills. It also won him a compliment from a girl he liked. I shared Tom’s story in a recent episode of “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems” and am taking on…

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