7 Days to a Paid Off House

paid off house christmas lights

Let the countdown continue!

UPDATE: We did it! We paid off our house early!

The home we purchased in late 1999 was paid off in a total of 15 years – about 15 years early because we started with a 5-1 ARM and thought we'd convert it to a 30-year mortgage before that term expired.

Fellow financial bloggers have invited me to write guest posts about the journey to help share the excitement with their readers.

So, in celebration of this milestone posted one article on each person's site in the 7 days leading up to our Debt Free Date: December 14th, 2015.


7 days to a paid off house

Click on the links below to read each article

7 Days to Baby Step 7

*Cheating Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps To Pay Off The Mortgage Early

*I'm Losing the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction (and couldn't be happier!)

*5 Steps to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

*4 Things You Should Know Before Paying Off The House

*Paying Off The House With Cash

*Top 5 Reasons People Don't Pay Off Their Mortgage Early

*Our #1 Priority Wasn't Paying Off The House

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