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4 Myths that can ruin your retirement
with special guest Roger Whitney

What image comes to mind when I say the word “retirement”?

  • Drinks with umbrellas and sandy beaches?
  • Do you think of Captain Stubing and cruise ships?
  • Tee times (if you are a man) or Tea Times (if a woman)?

There is no wrong answer here – except maybe all of them – because you don’t really know what retirement will be like until you get there.

Will you have enough?

How much is enough?

Does the word “retirement” really mean what we think it does?

Roger Whitney joins us to expose the 4 Myths that can ruin your retirement.

Myth #1: Retirement is a Number

Myth #2: We will spend the same amount in retirement

Myth #3: Retirement means not working

Myth #4: Having a Financial Plan is enough

Roger explains how we spend differently in our early go-go years than in our slow-go years until we are in the no-go stage of our lives.

You can find Roger at RogerWhitney.com or hit him up on Twitter

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Roger stuck around after the interview to talk about his free resource, “The 3 easy money talks you should be having now to start working towards your ideal retirement (and how to have them)”.

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