There Are 3 Ways To Save Money: Deposit, Discount and Don’t Buy with Simple, Swagbucks and Trim

The 3 types of saving money


  1. Put money into an account (save for a rainy day)
  2. Get a discount, rebate or bonus (save on the price)
  3. Avoid the purchase completely (save by not buying)

Simple, Swagbucks and Trim are free services to help you with each one of these ways to save

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Simple banking with SimpleA free checking account with savings built in. Have Simple move money into a “Safe-to-Spend” category and money you aren’t using will be moved into buckets for savings goals. There is no risk of over drafting your account because saved money is still in the account and their free iPhone and Android apps make it really convenient to check your budget at a moment’s notice. They offer debit cards with free access to over 55,000 ATMs.

Steve’s opinion: There are a lot of fintech products coming to market that will help you save money automatically. I really like what Simple is doing because they put your budget, your goals, and your progress all in the same place. Note: This is not a substitute for investing but it is a great place to be responsible with your day-to-day spending (and saving, of course).

Find out more at www.simple.comswagbucks saves money earns rewards

Interview begins at [18:40] (click to start there)

A free service that helps you find deals and get discounts on everyday items. For example: JCPenny’s, BestBuy, Home Depot, eBay, and Expedia – these are all places that Swagbucks helps you to compare and shop. Watch videos and take surveys to ramp up your earnings – then redeem them for gift cards or even cash back.

Steve’s thoughts: If you are going to earn points and rewards while shopping for the best deal – this is the way to do it. Swagbucks earns money from companies who want their products to be seen by you and get your feedback. In other words: The money you earn is coming from marketing dollars – not interest charges or late fees imposed by credit card companies for their rewards program. Yes, I can get behind this.

Find out more at

ask trim logo interview on steve stewart podcast

Interview begins at [24:11] (click to start there)

What if you had a friend who looked over your spending habits and found a recurring charge for a free service you forgot to cancel after the freebie expired? Now ask yourself – what if that friend cancelled the recurring charge for you? That’s what Thomas Smyth and Daniel Petkevich are doing at Trim. It’s secure, free, and can save you money by cancelling things you no longer use or want.

Steve’s view on this: What’s not to love? I would prefer that you monitor your spending and charges yourself, but if you want to give this a shot to see what they come up with then what’s the harm? Yes, I like what Trim is doing.

Try it for yourself:


I do not currently use these products. However, I would have no hesitation signing up for them after learning  how they make money and how they serve their customers. There are other services that can do similar things so I hope this episode helps you determine what services are needed for your household.

Spending less and saving money is an important part of anyone’s financial plan – so make good decisions with the things you use. Shop wisely,make purchases that fit your needs, and put money away when you can.



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