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br /> Zac Bissonnette, writer for and Author of Debt Free U, is passionate about personal finance and financial literacy issues. Zac has been studying and researching for many years on ways to pay for higher education and he views the student loan crisis in America as the most pressing financial issue that we have.

He is NOT a Financial Coach, yet he is uniquely qualified to speak into the life of our Real Life Case Study subject.

In this episode we help a young, single, male college student going off to an out-of-state college this fall. His tuition is paid for and he will be getting a stipend that will cover most of his expenses. So why is this a case study? He already has $90K in student loans. Ouch.

Zac Bissonnette shares his extensive knowledge on private and Federal student loan debt to advise our Real Life Case Study on some choices he can make to improve his financial life before, and while away to, college.

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  • Alex Humphrey

    Reply Reply July 12, 2011

    This was great! Tweeting away =D

  • Jon White

    Reply Reply July 18, 2011

    Steve great interview! Thanks for sharing and having Zac on the show. His book is the college student generations “Millionaire Next Door!” Definitely a must read.

  • Steve Stewart

    Reply Reply July 18, 2011

    Thanks guys. I wish it were an interview, there was so much great stuff that we didn’t discuss that the book covered. But I can say this was completely different than any other interview/guest spot he has done in the past!

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